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It wouldn't be fair to take points off because I'm lost on what the story or characters are since I haven't viewed from episode 1 but their personalities were made rather clear very quickly and that is to be congratulated. The animation and the story's pace (the storytelling in particular) do feel rushed a several times to me. Perhaps it's just technical limitations or such, in which case I should respect how much effort an animation like this takes, especially for the amount of people who worked on it (if that's everyone listed off at the credits). I absolutely loved the color choices and character designs (especially the spirits and their human forms). The voice acting did seem off to me at first but it grew on me rather well, though I'd still suggest polishing that particular area up further if possible in future episodes. Still, credit where it's due, creative, interesting and good overall.

I shouldn't need to tell you that your character designs are fantastic, almost nearing iconic, since everyone else has mentioned it. One thing that I felt wasn't as great was that sometimes, the jokes went by so fast that I had to rewind or rewatch the animation to catch them, might be a problem on my part. Not really your fault, though, since the sleepycast is very quickly paced when it comes to moving from joke to joke. The drawings and colors are effin' beautiful, and I wish I'll be able to make backgrounds as good as those. Special nod for your lip synching. Overall, more than just a solid effort, an actually great animated retelling of the sleepy crew's comedic sensibilities.

Plebs responds:

I hope you're not just sweet talking me here hah.

As far as the iconic character designs go, that's debatable. I agree that the pacing is rather fast at times, but no harm in replaying. I tried to keep in mind that the details shouldn't distract the viewer from the focal point too much. I can't say I agree with the appraise on the last two technical points. Those are a few of my weakpoints as of now. However no doubt in time it will catch up.

I might be overly critical, but I wouldn't be improving if it wasn't for that. Thanks for the elaborate review though, always helpful.

I often lament the fact that animated fight scenes focus so much on portraying the speed of their characters that they sacrifice impact and weight, but this masterpiece finds the perfect balance. Even though the characters fought incredibly swiftly, I could sense the strength and weight behind every attack. The choreography is everything except flawed as far as I'm concerned. I really hope any and all animator or future animators who watch this take note and study how to portray weight, momentum and physical impact in their fight scenes.

As a side note, the creator's love for these types of games comes through without a hint of ambiguity, props for having a live action goof in an animation that didn't come across as forced or awkward.

I really wish I had something critical to say about it but, even though I'm sure that perfection is unreachable, I can't for the life of me find anything that diminishes how much I loved and enjoyed this video.

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The perspective on the gun is a bit warped and off but otherwise it's solid work.

Well done, lovely color palette and accurate anatomy, even if it is stylized. The pants area could've used some more work cause it's a bit confusing but still a decent piece.

Could use some more polish but for what it is, it's interesting in it's rendering and overall striking scenery. good job, mate.

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